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I am very frustrated with the Telus website and am hoping someone, possibly an admin, can assist me. A good friend of mine is looking to purchase her first cell phone, I recommended Telus as I find the service great! However, my friend has a hearing aide and requires a device to be compatible with her hearing aides. We looked under the 'Special Needs' centre on the Telus website to find only 3 devices listed as being hearing aid compatible, all of these devices are discontinued.


I guess what I am getting at does anyone know if their device is hearing aide compatible? And does anyone know where I can contact Telus about their site, it sends a message that the company does not care for their disabled customers and that the company cannot provide support for those with disabilities. P.S.. I tried calling *611 for information, but I was informed that Telus cannot accommodate those with hearing aides (I find that hard to believe). 

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This is probably because there isn't enough profit in providing extra service to those that need it. TYPICAL!

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I've talked to a few people who've had pretty good luck using bluetooth hearing aids, that might be worth looking in to.


Otherwise it looks like the manufacturer websites are a bit less useless.


Unfortunately it looks like they only provide US information from what I could find. As long as the phone model is the same, though, it should still pertain to Canadian devices.


I have to agree that the site's not too good for this, among other things. There's a new site on the way I think, hopefully they can take this into consideration.