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2nd account

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Can a person hook up a second account but Not linked to my first account.. billing, online viewing, separate from the first account

Community Power User
Community Power User

Yes. If you create a separate account, you can choose not to link them in the My Account section, and create two parallel identities. You would likely need a second email address, though.


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CPU Alum
CPU Alum

In general.... it's best to have everyone in one account for bundling.


@Carrie:  To clarify.... is your question

  • for a separate family in the same home?  Like perhaps a rental situation where your PVR Optik records is separated from their content?
  • for a second family member where you don't want their consumption to be mixed with yours?

Yes! Im assuming you mean a second account entirely not just online since you stated billing! It's best that you add an additional mobility line to your current account and then we can perform a move for $25 over the phone to avoid doing a brand new credit check on you, which can hurt your credit 😞 so you just go to a store or order a device over the phone and once it's all set up we just move that person to a secondary account in your name, billing etc. Call *611 or chat is for details as I know it's confusing!
Mobility Client Care Rep