1+2 gig plan info?


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I'm looking at the black Friday deal that offers 1+2 gig a month for $30 on the two year cell plan. Does this mean you have 3 gigs of data every month or a 2 gig buffer that disappears after its used?
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@Tom33  The 1GB + 2GB Bonus give you a total of 3GB a month. For the extra $5 i would sooner get the 2GB+2GB data plan. Saves you in the long run of purchasing extra data if you ever go over 3GB.

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I just cannot understand why:

a) there is zero explanation on the web site that covered wtf 1+2 means

b) they don't just call it 3GB per month.  Why do I care if there is a bonus?  Why is it a bonus?  Is that supposed to make me feel better?

c) why I had to come here to get an explanation.  I tried phoning.  2 hour wait time?!?!?!?!  Really?  Pretty clear Telus doesn't give a $hit about customers.