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iphone 4 apps and version update


Smiley Very HappySmiley Very Happyhello, well the applecare team sucks monkey balls, they want $35.00 just to talk to a person. well i with telus for years now, i have a iphone 4, and i need a weather widjet on my lockscreen, not in the swipe down factory from apple. cause i want one i c without havin to open the phone, and i want to change the cheezy lock screen app swipe part sucks, on the app store there are apps for weather that say iphone 4 widjet for lockscreen and it dont work, and the lockscreen apps dont work. well can telus try and help and does telus have a weather app that would work with my iphone and please how do i delete the iphone built weather, frustrations, i should of stayed with my old school star tech cell, analog. hehehe, but something has to be able to be done somehow with these iphones and not be biuld 35 bucks to talk to someone, so any insite please e-mail me apps that would help thank u



Hi dunlopdave08, that's actually the reson why I'm an Android fan but I see your point. Did you try searching on Google for a solution?