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iPhone X Outright Purchase

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I have a Telus gift card which I can apply towards the purchase of a new device. As a current Telus customer I am not interested in upgrading my plan as the current plans are more expensive but I would like to buy the iPhone X. Based on what I see online I cannot buy the phone unless I sign up for a contract with it.


Could I just simply sign up for a new contract, apply my gift card during the purchase, and then immediately cancel the plan two days later. I recognize that I will end up paying the device balance but I am looking to buy the phone outright anyways. At least this over complicated method will allow me to use my store credit. Aside from a possible $50 early cancelation fee and the $20 cost of the sim card, are there any other fees I should expect? Will it really be as simple as canceling the contract and paying off the device balance +$50? 


Thanks for insight!


Community Power User
Community Power User

You might have to wait beyond the 15 day return period, and be on the hook for the month's contract cost. You. would also have to pay back any additional subsidies which may have been offered, effectively making the price the full retail, less your gift card. Also, remember the Telus price is about $30 higher than the Apple price.  


Returns (and plan cancellation) it tied to buyer's remorse / unsuitable purchase.  Your quest for a plan-free purchase might also be easier after the first rush of purchasing has occurred.


Not an answer, but I hope it helps.


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