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iPhone 4S loses phone contacts

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I had my iPhone 4S plugged into my laptop to download some pictures and recharge. I had Facebook running on both and it decided that I needed Messenger on my phone. All of my real phone contacts disappeared and I had only a contacts list in Messenger of people I am friends with who gave FB their phone number. I couldn't find my real phone contacts anywhere and there were over 100 names in my phone contacts. How can I retrieve them?


I thought I was re-adding contacts after I re-added their info as my contact's name turned up when they called or texted me . However, the phone keeps showing that I have no contacts at all. Some of the names that were re-added have no FB account and do not have Messenger on their phone. Can anyone tell me where they are hiding?


I went to Westworld (Apple dealer) and the person I dealt with there couldn't figure out what happened. I haven't taken it to a Telus kiosk yet. Note that I had not done a back-up to iCloud as I was unaware until the data was lost that I could do so. It was quite entertaining to get the message stating that the phone hadn't been backed-up the day after everything disappeared. 


I would welcome any suggestions respecting this issue. I am considering an upgrade to either an iPhone SE or an iPhone 7. Would the data transfer between the old and new phones reinstate my phone contacts? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

Did the Contacts App disappear from your phone?



Your contacts should still be in there.

Check & make sure it isn't put into a folder with other items, as well.


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You can delete The contacts app from the home screen but your contacts will still be saved but use the phone app