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have problems with my phone

I am having problem with my samsung alpha. it is saying no service sometimes and shuts off and comes back on it own. what can I do

Community Power User
Community Power User

At this point, try:

Turning the phone and removing the SIM card. Re-insert the SIM and restart the phone. If that does not work, a full reset to factory specs is likely the best next step. You should back up your data before initiating the full reset. A quick Internet search should give full details on resetting your model phone.




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Helpful Neighbour

Sounds to me like hardware.  You might be best to take it to a Telus Corp Store and ask them to do a repair.  They should be able to give you a loaner, and send it away.  If it is under warranty, there will be no cost to you.

I have exactly 10 months to go before my upgrade and think my warranty is expired.