Z10 vs. Q10


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Does anybody know which new Blackberry device I should get? Is there more apps available on one phone versus the other?

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Same apps on both devices. If you are very app conscious, google BB 10 sideloading apps. You can get most android apps loaded on the new blackberries. I have the Z10 and love the larger screen which is handy for watching videos and reading online articles.

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It heavily depends on whether you want the physical keyboard or not. The virtual keyboard is amazing, but the physical one is obviously even better. 


With regards to software, they are pretty much the same and most apps are now compatible between the Z10 and Q10. 


However, if you can wait, BB will have a new flagship device come out Q4 this year. 

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neither. Get any other phone....BBM is coming to other platforms anyway, why would you stay with BB? Such a cruddy OS and awful selection of apps. I used the z10 for two weeks and returned out, utter garbage. Much happier with android or heck, even Windows phone

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Not all apps are automatically on both devices. Dev have to release an updated version to cover the Q10, as a result you will find more apps on the Z than Q (but the gap is closing).

It really comes down to physicall vs all touch - which is personal question no one can answer for you.


Just note that while the Q10 has arugable the best physical keyboard in market, the Z10 has what most agree is the best software-based keyboard available.

IMO you can't go wrong with either device.


Good luck!

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If you're looking for a good app selection you're not looking at the right devices to begin with. You'd be looking at iPhone or Android if you want plenty of apps (preferably Android, there's more free ones).


Z10 - similar hardware to the S III but running a different OS. It's a good-sized screen without being huge like most Androids out these days (although for some this isn't necessarily a bad thing), great multi-tasking/productivity! I've never seen something so different. Takes a while to get used to all the swiping gestures but I've used plenty of Androids (in fact, I sell them) and as much as I love the customization, the multi-tasking/efficiency of BB10 is awesome.


Q10 - biggest QWERTY keyboard on a BB to date, near identical hardware to the Z10 again but it actually has a bigger battery at 2100mah versus 1800 or so on the Z10 combined with the smaller screen, should guarantee good battery life. I just got the white one for my sister the other day and she absolutely loves it (she moved from a dying 9780). If you prefer keys, get this bad boy - I'm really excited to hear if Blackberry will give us Q10s as our manager phones...

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One of the most amazing things about Blackberry is the loyalty that BB users have towards their devices. Most of time, this comes in the form of having a QWERTY keyboard handy. Sad to say, keyboards on phones are a dying breed as the Q10 is the only new phone on the market with one (from my sales knowledge). Thus, sometimes the choice is already made for you if a keyboard is what you are looking for.


As for hardware, I've said this to a lot of my clients, you're not going to find a big difference at all. Most phones nowadays runs pretty high speeds, new phones mostly have LTE (depending on model), and even the camera's are peaking between 8-13MP (only differences are innovations like Time Shift or ZOE). What you want to look into is how well compatible you are with the operating systems (i.e.: how comfortable you are), how smooth the OS works, how optimized the performance is, and overall, how well you can customize it to your liking. Androids are notorious for customizability. Apple isn't and I don't remember BB being customizable either. Battery life is going to be about the same as well (ranging only minorly) and this also depends on the OS and how it optimizes performance. Regular updates should address this. History dictates that BB isn't very good at optimizing performance at all. But maybe they have improved that.


In closing, do not pick the phone based on Apps (as all phones have apps, good or bad), do not pick the phone based on company brand names, and do not pick the phone because you are comfortable with it. Technology is rich nowadays and exploring a new phone is probably one of the more exciting things in your everyday life. I have a Nexus 4 and I cannot get enough of this phone. It's the most affordable phone on the market right now and is a testament to what I claim above. It's one of the most highest performing phones and it definitely breaks the mold in what to expect from phone companies. Let me know if you have any questions about devices. I would love to help. But please keep your mind open to other devices other than BB. Not saying they are not good devices, but they may not fit what you wish to accomplish everyday.


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