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Does telus sell the windows tablet? how much is data with telus?

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TELUS does not sell the Windows tablet yet

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Hope Telus has more Windows devices in the future. Windows fan here!

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TELUS Employee

Amberzcorner, to your question about how much data is with TELUS - not sure if you mean for a phone or a Mobile Internet device, as they differ. Regardless, information on our plans can be found here:


We may not sell the devices but you can absolutely get a window's tablet capable of data and put it on the TELUS network with a SIM card. Refer to the link above to check out our plans.

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Do yourself a favour and wait for a bit - Microsoft just release a preview of Windows 8.1 at a developer conference (//BUILD/) which supports more device form factors including 8" tablets. Also, I've heard rumours that Microsoft is looking at using the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 processor in the next Surface RT device, meaning it will likely have built in LTE (which is a very fast networking standard).


The current Windows Surface RT and Surface Pro devices lack SIM card slots. You COULD use an external USB rocketstick, but let's be honest - those are far less desirable vs something built in.

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It's not easy to find a stick that works with WinRT; you'll need a stick that's compliant with NDIS 6.3 and I am not aware of one so far - or at least one that works with the HSPA/LTE frequencies in Canada.