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Why does Telus keep charging for a phone I don't have???

Just Moved In

I moved into my house in June 2017 and set up a Telus home package but purchased 3 mobile phones for my family.  My combined bill is just over $400 per month that I have paid to Telus every month.  In September a Telus sales man knocked on my door and suggested I sign up for a mobile phone for our house so we could save $10 per month.  I questioned him because we had just started our contract with Telus and it seemed odd they would want to  make a change so fast, but he assured me it was a good deal for my family.  A few weeks later an email from Telus wanted to confirm the address to send the new mobile to...but it was the wrong address (my old house from over a year before).  I contacted them immediately to let them know it was wrong and figured it was all over.  Next bill I had a charge for current house phone and a new mobile phone.  I phoned right away and waited a long time to speak with someone to explain my story.  They assured me they would check into it and fix the problem.  Next month I was charged again for the new mobile phone I have never used.  I phoned again and waited a long time and re-explained.  They assured me their fraud department was looking into. Can you guess?  Next month another bill - another phone call and this time I was less polite.  I was assured they would refund my account and stop the bill.  It is now March and my bill still has the charge and in fact I have not been reimbursed for any of the payments.  The usage on the phone shows as none - ever.  At this point I not only want my money back from September, but I want to be reimbursed for my time on the phone trying to get someone to help me.  Terrible service!  Has anyone else had a problem like this?  Should I bill Telus by the hour for my time trying to correct their error?  Should I contact my lawyer and sue?  Is there enough interest for a class action law suit?  I find it interesting how easy it is to increase the cost of your plan with Telus...literally took me seconds tonight to increase data usage on my family cell phones BUT it takes months to get Telus to reimburse / fix a billing error in their favour.  On that note, how can I get charged so excessively when my family goes over the data usage.  I just got charged $40 extra for over use this month by less than 1 MB, but if I had increased the package by 2 MB it would only have cost me $20.


Does not seem ethical in any sort of manner.  Suggestions?  Is Shaw any better?  Are there other options out there I should consider?  $400 per month or almost $5000 a year and this is how you treat your customers?  Shocking...

Des Sjoquist


  • This is not a common issue.
  • You told them the address was wrong and thought it was over without specifically requesting it be cancelled? Never assume things. Unless you specifically requested it be cancelled at that time, you likely won't see a full refund.
  • Mention lawyer at any point and they will cease dealing with you, period, and they'll only deal with your lawyer once they start action. Common practice for large companies.
  • Bill Telus for your time? Good luck. You can try but they won't ever cover your time.
  • Fraud department? Isn't fraud when you sign up for the service yourself to start.
  • Also make sure you're talking to Loyalty and Retention and not a front line advisor. They are also the only group you should be talking to if you are looking for any kind of chance of money back. Front line advisors can't do that.
  • If talking to the loyalty people, make sure you're being polite/nice, even if you are frustrated with the issue.
  • Cellular data overages are based on what you have on your cell contract. You may want to read the fine print closer on it to confirm what you've subscibed to.
  • Shaw isn't any better. 


First thing: I've had Shaw TV and internet for decades, and I've never, yes, NEVER had a billing issue. NEVER. I'm sure other Shaw customers have different experiences with billing, but mine has been stellar -- always on time, always accurate, and always immediately accurate when I change my TV package.


Second thing: Stop communicating with Telus by phone, and start communicating with Telus in writing, by email or regular mail, not through a lawyer, but just in writing, and keep a record. Give them a date, a timeline in which to rectify the issue. It's a serious issue to you, make that politely clear. Also, ask if the phone was actually shipped, and to what address. Telus requires a signature upon delivery.


Third thing: I'm unsure why the Telus rep mentioned fraud. People that knock on doors are sometimes fraudulent, but then the item wouldn't have shown up on your account. Unless they have reason to think you received the phone, which would mean it was shipped and someone signed for it.The mystery is maddening. Cat LOL.


As a rule, do not deal with people at your door. End of. Telus should really stop this, given their interest in teaching about frauds and scams.


Last thing: I wish you the best of luck getting this solved. Let us know how it goes.


This seems strange as to my knowledge  TELUS does not sell mobile phones door  to door.


Sounds like the door to door salesman used the information provided on to get a phone to resell.


BTW if this is the case the salesman could use your personal information for identity theft