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Why Limit Your High End Device ??


Hello All,

I just don't understand why so many only use their flagship smartphone data features and apps on WIFI Only.  I am using this amazing S3 where, for me, most of the fun is being out in the city and having the freedom to use it whenever you get the urge - while putting the iPhone fans to shame in public lol.  I understand that some of us on a budget can't always afford a data plan or a decent data plan but to me its like buying a new High End Mercedes and requesing the Most basic of features possible Smiley Surprised 


FYI ... I still like other Apple products, just not IOS and the many restrictions it has.  This could change though if Apple steps their game up one day!


Rate Plan: $100.00 + 10% Off Any Plan for activating my unlocked S3

gives me 6GB of CONSISTENT & RELIABLE LTE Data and Unlimited Canada Talk & Text


Add Ons: $15.00

Unlimited US Calling


I also have access to a Mobilicity device with unlimited Data and Voice and US LD for $45.00, but the quality of all around service is only worth about $20.00 from my experience.


I don't mean to come across as bashing other brands or carriers, because I'm far from that type of person, I am simply stating the facts from my experience.


I also believe that, yes prices might seem high in Canada for wireless data compared to some other countries, but I feel it is worth every penny if that service is Consistent and Stable and if the carrier has top notch support when needed.  Not all Canadian carrier's can Truly say they consistently meet these basic requirements!!!!


Just my two cents ... Sorry for rambling but I had to get this all out!!!









Thanks for the kind words.


The S3 is a great device indeed.

Had one myself but unfortunately it was stolen from my car.

I find you will have better LTE coverage as the technology matures and the network continues to expand.  🙂


Frankly the devices keep getting more and more powerful and the networks much faster. Frankly 6 gigs seems to be a good middle ground for data. However I can see when we stop getting faster networks the carriers will (finally) compete on things like price and value and data limits will go up again. T-Mobile US did that, they reintroduced unlimited data plans after not having it for years.

CPU Alum
CPU Alum
The reason I like Telus is coverage when I need it. Discount carriers are useless indoors, in tunnels or when I go to the suburbs. Discounted Unlimited plans will throttle the speed if you exceed their limits.

With regards to LTE, I'm happy with HSPA. LTE has great speed, but also reduces battery life. So I tell my Q10 to just use HSPA.