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Whats the best course of action for me?

Friendly Neighbour

OK so I currently have the iPhone 5S 32GB with AppleCare+


I want the 6 when it comes out.


I have two lines that I could "upgrade" feasibly


The first line is my line, which is on an older 3 yr contract from the iPhone 5, with a kickass L&R plan. The contract expires Nov 2015 and if I were to cancel/upgrade right now the device balance would be $216.68.


I can cancel this contract and upgrade to the 6 and it will still be cheaper than buying outright, but I will lose the L&R plan.


The second line is my mum's line, which is the contract my 5s is on, (I just upgraded her line instead of mine last year when the 5s came out because her line was month to month whilst mine was and is on contract)


She is on a SharePlus L&R plan of $110/month with 6GB of data, which she shares with 2 other devices on the plan, both 5ses. Those lines were signed in Feb and May, so not feasible to upgrade those.


Mums line also has T-UP - I can give back the 5s and have the contract balance forgiven and upgrade to a new phone.


But the downside to that is that i then don't have a phone to pass down to my mum. (She is using my old iPhone 5 which she has managed to beat up pretty badly) 


SO with all that aside my options basically are


1) Cancel my contract for $216.68 and upgrade to the 6 that way, losing my kickass L&R plan ($70/month unlimited talk (nat) , text (intl) , VM25,CID,6GB data)

2) Cancel mums contract for $285.11 and upgrade her line to the 6, whilst I take the phone 😛 , this option allows me to keep my L&R plan.

3) T-UP my 5S and pay 0 device balance

4) Buy the 6 outright from apple.


Anyway, what do you guys think is the best course of action? I'm kind of lost as to which one to choose 🙂


We've been Telus customers for almost 10 years now, that IME has helped with negotiations (its how I got the L&R plan for mine and the $110/6GBs on the other three share lines)


I hope to share some of my experiences and advice on this forum as well 🙂


Friendly Neighbour

Been doing some thinking - technically I can always kijiji the 5s and use the money from that to pay out the $285 contract + new iPhone. That might even result in a profit. Thoughts on this? It can be option number five 😛

You need do what makes you and the others on your plan / in your family happiest. I'm not the one to answer, as we are still happily managing with an iPhone 3Gs and 5.


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Well i've ruled out doing T-up as i've realised what a ripoff that actually is. Thankfully i'm not paying for the privilege, I got it when it first came out and it was included in the contract.


Basically i'm either Kijiji-ing my 5s and using proceeds to get 6 or just renewing the $285 contract with the 6.