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What is the ETA for the Blackberry Keyone to be back in stock?

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Locally there are none in the store. The order I placed a couple of weeks ago, I have not heard anything from regarding shipment or whether they are on back order or not.


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Community Power User

This Neighbourhood is inhabited by customers, just like you. We have no insight to Telus business plans, and no connection to the internal workings of Telus. We volunteer to share knowledge about Telus products and services which we have gained by experience or surmise. As such we have no information about release dates of the KeyOne.  Have you tried an online order? There may be more stock held there.


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Just Moved In

I had to order a replacement Keyone last Wednesday  October 5, and I am picking it up from the Post Office this afternoon Oct 10. This was ordered on Telus online.

If you mean a replacement phone through the third party insurance company Asurion. You will need to contact them. If you purchased device care upfront or may $7 a month then this is who you would referring to. 1-866-281-4537. Their hours are 8am-12am EST Monday-Fri, 8am-10pm EST Sat, and 12pm-10pm EST Sun.  I am thinking you mean them because you used the word replacement. If you mean that you bought a new phone on a contract or outright, then you may have ordered it on the website. They have the phone on their website again so it would appear they have stock again. However, if you have an existing order you would want to confirm what's happening with that first. Contact the webstore at 1-866-488-2709 or They are open 9am-9pm Monday to Friday and closed weekends. I hope you mean July not October!

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