Voicemail Settings for unlocked International Note 2?


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Just Moved In

My voicemail number was set as 647-580-4001 and was not working.  It would call but I would never hear anything.  I changed it to my mobile 10 digit number and now it works.  It worked previously, though, and I did not change a setting.  Was it supposed to be set to 647-580-4001?  Is it correct now or should it be set to something different?  Thanks.


PS I also read elsewhere it should be 647-580-4002 but that number behaves the same as 4001 (phone says it's in a call but it's completely silent).


Hi unL33T, yes, the number for your voice mail is different from your own mobile number but calling yourself will also communicate with your voice mail service. The number can be ending by 4001 or 4002 depending on your local area. Calling your own mobile number is actually a workaround if you can't reach your voice mail from your device.


Call into customer service and request to have the information re-pushed to your SIM card.