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I've been trying to upgrade my phone online paying with a visa debit.. it doesn't seem to work despite the fact there's more than enough money in the account.. I've always upgraded this way in the 5+ years I've been with telus...

Ps.. sorry for all the qs
Have you gotten an answer yet? I'm having same issue. I'm using the same visa debit card I've used many times to upgrade my phone and I've tried like 10 times since last night and it keeps telling me to contact my card issuer. I have way more then enough money.
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If you guys are dealing with a situation where the card needs to be pre-authorized for a certain amount, a Visa Debit card will completely fail in that instance. The money gets stuck in limbo when the card gets pre-authorized and never makes it to the company trying to charge the card. I deal with those cards at work and they can be a big headache. For simple transactions in most cases they should work.

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