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Unable to order KEYone through Telus

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I have a Telus business account and was surprised to be told that I cannot place an order for a BB KEYone. I tried ordering online and then I phoned in. I then requested to speak with a supervisoer but the answer was the same, they don't take orders and my only option was to phone in regularly each week to see if they have stock. They were unable to say if stock was expected in a week or three months. The rep then asked if I was interested in another type of phone.

I understand that Telus has no stock but I can't think of many other businesses that won't take orders for a current product.

How on earth will Telus know how many phones they need if they don't take orders.




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Pre-orders for what might be vapourware is a problem for any company. It sets an expectation that they will have a product to fill the order, and causes anything from disappointment to anger when fulfillment does not occur in timely fashion.


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It's likely because there is a shortage of KEYones and any stock is likely going to be going to the existing pre-orders first.


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Since Blackberry had gone to Android their "stock" has always been dismal. They claim "high demand". Would be interested to see how many units TCL actually manufactured.

It won't be 500,000 units sold guarnteed. Which is small in the cell phone world. I can understand TCL being hesitant with manufacturing. But if you can't meet demand, they're shooting themselves in the foot as well.

Sure they don't want to be like the Z10 and sit on a huge inventory write down (loss).