Transferring Files from one Samsung S4 to another.


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I've transferred a picture from one Samsung Galaxy 4 to another.  My question is this:  I have downloaded an app that stores passwords, etc.  I downloaded the same app on my husbands S4.  Is there a way to tranfer the information that I've entered in the app to his phone through the Sbeam or will I have to just retype it all out on his phone?

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You would manually have to re enter all the information. Beam, with apps in general, only beams the link to the app itself not the contents of an app. You would need an app specially optimized for beaming to work, like Facebook I think beaming can send your profile to others.


This is something I discovered and I do not know if it's officially somthing that Androids know about. You can technically share your gmail accounts. I'll explain. You can register more than one Google Play Store account (and, in turn, email, contacts, calendars, etc), onto a phone. But, something that Apple doesn't have, is the ability to download the SAME apps to each of the phones AND share purchases so long as the person knows of the password to get in.


Effectively, you do not have to duplicate the download AND you will have the same information on both apps. i.e.: I have Play Book to read books. I use my gf's account because she uses the app and download books. I can read her books on my phone and she can do the same on hers. There's no restriction.



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