Texts not being received Samsung Galaxy S7


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I visited the US for a month in September, and ever since I have come back to Canada my phone has been having problems receiving certain texts.  I'm estimating I'm missing roughly 25% of my messages, and have to go through my usage records online everyday to determine who I need to call to ask to either resend or read me their text messages.


Telus claims this is a Samsung issue, and not a network problem.  I am skeptical, as I can't find any information online that this is a problem for other users.  


I have tried the following, but the problem just keeps coming back:

-cleared cache on messanger app

-switched to a different android messenger app

-had Telus reset my network

-made sure all apps and software have been updated

-performed a full factory reset on my phone

-tried searching for words or phrases from the missing messages, as the support guy said my phone is receiving the texts, but not displaying them properly in the app.  Couldn't find any of the messages that I missed.


I use my phone for work and rely on text messages with clients.  It looks like I am ignoring clients messages.  Should I just get a new phone? 

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Community Power User

You seem to have gone through all the troubleshooting steps I would suggest, except replacing your SIM card. 


Is there any consistency in the missed messages (carrier, location, time of day)?


You might also check your APN settings. I believe these to be correct.


Final option is to check if another phone receives the messages sent you. Have you a previous phone or can you borrow one to test?


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