Telus used Loomis to deliver, and they have lost our phone.


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We had order 2 Iphone 8's the week of Black Friday.  Loomis only wound up delivering one of the phones, but they have informed us that they have not been able to find the 2nd one.  We have been going back and forth with Telus customer service about what can be done about this, since Loomis has been unable to find the phone in their terminal.  The phone was sent on the 22nd of November, and the last scan of the unit was back on the 27th of November, where it is stuck at "Delay missed connection".  I feel that Telus is waiting for verification from Loomis, but I also feel that they're not have expeditied the issue, since no action has been initiated even after many inquiries.  It has been frustruating, and it feels like customer service is almost accusing us of lying.  Not sure what else can be done.  Just frustrated.    

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Generally when packages are lost they’re traced internally by the shipping company to locate it first. If Loomis deems a package truly lost, then corrective actions in this case will be made by TELUS.

Most times lost packages are found. So hang in there a little while longer. With the postal strike all other companies have been bombarded with the influx of extra packages.

The time line isn’t that long from the last update you received. The delivery company will only respond to TELUS dealing with the lost package. The receiver (you) for the most part will be out of the loop.

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That's the Canadian customer service hard at work for you!  Smiley Tongue  Unfortunately, the holidays is a cluster-f*ck of thievery in the delivery business on top of the incompetence of most delivery and postal workers.  Sadly, expect to wait at least two weeks before Telus even considers sending you out a replacement device.  Because of the holiday season, I would suggest picking up your phone in a store over them shipping out your replacement, if you want it before the holidays arrive.