Switching from iPhone 4 to 5s


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I know they have different sim cards, so whats the process to switch phones? Do I just go net a new sim and ask them to switch my account to it? If so how much does that cost?

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New SIM is usually $10. Go to a Telus store and pick one up. If you get them to update your account with the new SIM they often charge.

If you go into your Telus Account online and look for the option to change phones. It should give you the choice of Change SIM. Once you choose that, enter the SIM # on the website and it'll be active within 15 minutes. No charge.

Transferring your data (Contacts, SMS, settings etc) from the old iPhone to the new one can be a problem. Anything backed up to iCloud already should be fine. Make a complete backup in iTunes for the old phone either way just in case.

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On backing up and restoring from your old iPhone to new, you should be able to backup / sync you old phone to iTunes, and when you connect your new iPhone to iTunes it will ask if you want to transfer / restore your saved info to your new phone. Simple as that.

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