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Slow wifi on IOS/iTunes related downloading

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We recently upgraded to fibre to the modem internet with an unlimited data package of 100mbps down/10 mbps up speed.  For the first 6 weeks or so I enjoyed blazing fast wifi on my iPhone 7.  Then suddenly one day, everything slowed right down.  App updates that used to take seconds suddenly took minutes.  IOS downloads that once took 5 minutes now take over a half hour.

I have literally tried everything under the sun.  I have: reset my settings on my phone and router (TP-Link Archer C50).  I have fiddled with the wifi settings, changed the DNS to etc. I changed the channels on both bands, I've spoken with my ISP and Apple

Occasionally I'll get my old speeds back on but more often than not what I find happening is I'll start off at 60+mbps then it always scales back to about 25mbps.  This happens on the 2.4 band as well as the 5.0 band.  

On my Mac, I have discovered that doing a speed test on safari often will yield consistent speeds of 95+mbps without any scaling back.  On the speed test app I get the same issue.  So I feel as though the problem is with anything that goes through Apple iTunes.

Is there anyone out there that had the same issue that found a solution?


Community Power User
Community Power User

Do you still have the Telus supplied Actiontec router? What happens if you use it?


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No. This isn't Telus internet, just a Telus mobility device.


Try a different router, or make sure your router is updated to the latest firmware.   Apple devices are working very fast to the apple store and on wi fi tests.