Samsung S7 restarting all the time


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Hello, I have a Samsung S7 that once after updating, it constantly freezes and reboots while using. I am still under the contract till January where I can get a new phone. Dont have a Telus phone protection plan. What are my options? Ive already done a factory reset and the issue persists. Is this a Samsung issue or Telus? Do I look at repairing it my self?


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Sounds like a software problem, if it occurred after an update, and therefore Samsung's to correct. Have you tried to roll back the update to the previous one?


Have a look in 'My Telus', as there may be upgrade offers available to you if within 3 months of your contract expiry. You can, of course, upgrade to a new phone any time by paying out your remaining device balance.


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In the Samsung Community Forum (US) there are lots of complaints about system updates and people asking to reverse the most recent, which is having some serious problems. Samsung reps always give the same answer, there is no way to reverse an update, and factory reset won't fix update issues. The Samsung Community is cataloguing issues right now, so a fix for many current problems, mostly battery drain, will hopefully arrive sooner than later. But January isn't too far away for you. Hang on, and better luck with your next phone! I have an S7 with all updates and I've never had a problem. Often it's just luck. Fingers always crossed! Cat LOL


I visit over to the XDA Developers S7 forum might help.  It is easy enough to roll back updates on most Samsung devices using ODIN, a Samsung flash tool.  Before resorting to that though.  Sometimes a factory reset goes a long way, especially with older devices.