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Samsung Galaxy Rugby LTE

Just Moved In

Telus strips away a lot of features from the phones they sell to keep their costs down. Does anyone know if Telus's Galaxy Rugby LTE has PBAP? The one sold in the US by AT&T does. My current Telus Rugby II doesn't (very disappointing) but the version sold in the US does? I'm thinking of buying an unlocked Galaxy Rugby Pro just to get all the normal features. Has anyone tried this? 






Hi ChiefRyback, for now, I'm not ale to find this feature in the Samsung Rugby  user guide. Your question is in regards to the Rugby SGH-I547c right? ( the frist one) For now, without a real phone, it's hard to be 100% sure but I'm not seeing any details in regards to the PBAP feature. Keep us posted if you find the answer and I'll do the same thing.

Hi ChiefRyback!


Are you referring to Phone Book Access Profile

Yup. It's the diff between being told "Susan calling" on your car bluetooth speaker and just listening to "Susan's" phone number being read out to you and trying to match the number in your head at 100 km/h. Once you've used PBAP you really appreciate it. BTW I have heard that there is an app available out there that may do the same thing. Anybody know anything about that?

Hi ChiefRyback!


I do not know of any apps that can do the same thing. I highly advise searching the Google Play store for apps that can emulate the PBAP.