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Samsung G S7 Edge from Rogers unlocked, no data on Telus LTE/LTE+


I got a really good deal on a Samsung G S7 Edge locked to Rogers from a friend. I unlocked the phone using an unlock service (Canada GSM Unlock). Once unlocked with the SIM card in the device it worked as expected for a while, however, after some time the device would not allowing me to access data (the network bars were full and showing either LTE+, LTE or 4G service, nothing unexpected). For the device to access data again I would either have to restart the phone or do a reset of the network settings, however, this would only fix the issue temporarily. I called Telus tech support to see if it could be something on Telus's side, however, no luck. The tech advised me to take the phone to a Telus store thinking it might be the device itself.

Doing some of my own research I found that both Rogers and Telus work on the same LTE/LTE+ network bandwidths and that the same phone model is sold by both carriers.

Additionally, I also set the APN setting according to this site ( and set the Network Operators to "GSM/HSPA (auto-connect)" and it starting working unfortunately only on the 4G network.

I would like to figure out why the device has no data on the Telus LTE/LTE+ network.

Advice or a reason for this would issue would be very much appreciate

Thank you.


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Community Power User

Some phones report the network as 4G / 4G+, and other phones report the same network as LTE. LTE is a subset of 4G.

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I didn't know that however, I still have to set the Network Operators to "GSM/HSPA (auto-connect)" for data to work, which would only allow 4G HSPA not LTE.

The APN settings are correct. The hardware AND software are identical for all carriers in regards to Samsung devices. The only difference is the specific carrier bloatware.

Just to clarify, if you set it to LTE/HSPA/GSM you get NO connection, or just no LTE?

When I set the Network mode to "GSM/HSPA/LTE (auto connect)" its shows LTE connection beside the network bar, however, I have no data. Calling and text messaging still works.

Odd. It's hard to diagnose without actually seeing your phone.

If you go to the dialer and type *#1234# what does it show after your model number? RWC or TLS? You may have to change the CSC to Telus.

You could try that, it MAY help. Unfortunately, changing CSC wipes your phone, so it's a pain in the butt.


Typing that code into the dialer shows:








If it is incorrect, how do I go about changing it?