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S5 Active Marshmallow

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It coming for this pile of dung or am i stuck will Loligarbage? Thanks in advance!


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This has been discussed previously.


Samsung always updates the Active series devices last. They are not flagship phones. Plus the S5 Active is, by cell standards, an old phone. Unless Samsung has announced anything, the mobility providers won't be offering the update. So far Samsung has not announced anything yet.


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Contrary to you oponion of the S5 Active the phone is not old by tech standards it has exactly the same hardware internally as the S5 difference is the finger print scanner is replaced with keys which are more resistant to dust etc is robust in its ability to survive starting MSRP was more than the S5.


Samsung is being it's usual not care about the customers and as there are fewer of users to complain they more easily ignore them. Telus appears to be doing the same ignoring S5 Active users because there are very few of us.   





Sorry you feel Telus doesn't care! We do! It's just that when if comes to software updates we are at the mercy of Samsung. If I can speak for Nighthawk, I don't believe he/she was saying they personally believe it's an old phone but, that in cell phone standards, new phones come out every several months. Since the S5 and S5 active have come out they have released the S6, S6 edge, S7, S7 edge and if I'm not mistaken the Note 5 is post S5 too? It's still a great phone! However, Samsung poured way more money into the marketing of the S6 and S7 than they did the S5 active. As you pointed out yourself when referencing the minimum spend requirement, the S6 and S7 were valued at a higher cost as they were newer and flagship phones. Therefore, it's like S6 and S7 phone owners are VIP and Samsung is of course going to give them the update first. It is not that they don't care about you but, it's the same thing as if you went into a casino and gambled $500 vs $50,000. Although thankfully, the price differences aren't so vast in the phone market.

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