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Good afternoon everyone.

I'm new to Telus so I'm just asking to get some more information.

How to pre orders work? I am awaiting for the new iPhones to come out so I can pre order online. However doing a mock order online for a phone is asking me to pay my device balance and the X price ( I picked the X for mock). Now when i was with Rogers for 10yrs, they had pre order and pay for the phone but ur device balance would be on the invoice or device reservation where the phone would be shipped to a Rogers store and you would do the the upgrade there ( which only charges you the device price. And bills the device balance)

So in other terms. How does a pre order work with Telus and do you have to pay the device balance and new phone price at once? I don't want to pay let's say $800-$1,000 upfront to do the upgrade. I rather have one paid off upfront and the next one on the bill. ( Telus offered me 50% off on my device balance but I can't find it under " offers" but the phone reps can). Sorry if this a bit confusing.

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You can't do a 'mock' preorder, as the way the system works differs for purchases vs. preorders.


You will need to pay off any outstanding device balance before the purchase of the new phone. It may be added to your bill.

A pre-order only addresses your interest to purchase. Your account / credit card will be billed at time of shipping, or slightly before.


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Thank you for the reply.

I know the reps said starting in August all online orders you need to pay both the device balance and new device price when doing a upgrade. They didn't tell me about the pre orders and how it works. She just said that based on what you see, you need to pay both. Rogers did it differently thought so that's why.

If I have to end up paying both when doing the pre order, I might aswell go to Best Buy and pre order with them. I only pay the device price when picking it up. Device balance will be added on my next bill.

Thank you!

How many months are left on your device balance?  No need to actually answer that, but if it isn't a lot, like 2 or 3 months.  Call customer care, wait the hour and a half on hold, and see if they will help you with it by asking them if they can waive it fully or at least partially to help you get an upgrade.  If not, then that might be enough to consider switching.  Either way, the worst they can say is, no, and if you tell them you will just go to Best Buy instead.  That gives them more incentive to help you with it to get you to purchase the device through Telus.  While you have them on the line, ask if they have any loyalty plans they can give you as well.

I have 12 months remaining ($495). They said they could waive half of it but I need to pay the device balance first before they do that. Kinda seems odd. Why? Well with Rogers I was able to get the same thing at times ( I have 2 lines) and they would give me a interaction ID number. When doing the pre order or reservation in store, the device balance was ALWAYS charged on your next months bill. Their pre orders would give u a option to charge the device balance on ur CC / Debit Visa or on the next bill. Also they were able to let you do pre orders / orders and charge you the phone price on the next bill as well. Once the bill comes out and the charge is on the bill, you could call in and give them the interaction ID number and they would credit you the % they offered.

With Telus they want you to pay the device balance and new phone price at once which also causes the customers to dish out more then what they are expecting. Thats going backwards instead from what I see. Also many reps told me that the 50% off they are offering me should show up online when doing a order right now or under my " offers". Yet it's not there. Seems odd that they can see it but I can't.

The rep this morning did a mock order over the phone and was able to see the 50% off on her computer and the system automatically waived it off.

So that's why it's confusing. No one has really explained to me that if I do a pre order over the website on Telus, does it or will it charge me the balance ( $495) and new device price at once. No rep or anyone has given me a clear understanding of it. ( Waiting to pre order the new iPhone. Also yes i know the price isn't out yet but this is more about how the pre orders work and what gets billed upfront or whatnot).
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Hey guys. 


So i got in contact with Telus once again today. I got help from a kind helpful lady as customer service with the help of her manager. They were able to bill my device balance straight to my invoice as of today and cleared it to $0. So come Friday when the pre order open, i can just pre order and pay the device price and on my way i go. Thank you to both of them!


i would highly suggest that this changes for the feature. You can not expect a customer to pay $250+ for their device balance and a phone thats $500 all at once upfront. Not even Bell or Rogers does this. They add the device balance on the next invoice and you just pay the new phone price. i was with Rogers for 10 years and that's mainly the one of few things they had good at. 


Also i would highly suggest that the forums get actual Telus reps like the Rogers community forums have. Yes its a user to user base forum which most users are very helpful but Rogers runs the same forums and has actual agents helping out. So maybe Telus can do the same here as i felt like my answer was not answered properly and i as a customer had to call in and speak to another agent and manager for help. 


Thanks everyone!