Opinions on LG G4


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Presently I have an LG K4 and am thinking of upgrading a bit. On a limited budge. I've heard from several people that LG G4 is better and takes better pictures than LG K4. What are opinions on refurbished cell phones?

The G4 was a good phone. The camera took decent pics in auto mode, better in manual mode, but it was slow (not great for action shots).

It also had a large chance of the motherboard packing it in, and bootlooping after a while.

If it has been refurbished, it may have already been fixed for that issue though. I would spend a tad more and get the G5 (if you really want to stick with LG).
TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

If you don’t end up with an LG G4 with a bad motherboard, then yes, it’s better than the K4.