OnePlus 6T compatibility


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I'm looking for buy the OnePlus 6t because this is a high end quality phone and he is already better than the iPhone X in performances at the moment and I would like to know if you will do partnership with OnePlus for let the OnePlus 6/6T compatible with Telus?


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According to the information I can find online, the OnePlus 6T is compatible with the Telus network.

You can learn more about compatibility here.


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Wouldn't expect VoLTE to work they don't support 3rd party devices.


Right now, the only single SIM version is sold by T-Mobile USA.  I have yet to see any North American carrier sell a dual SIM device, which they are except for the T-Mobile variant, which is a T-Mobile exclusive in the US.  The McLaren edition looks nice though, expect for that stupid notch!


In the circumstances, can I get a 3g/4g deal with it's phone?