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Hey there,

I'm looking to purchase the One Plus 3T and I was wondering if 3rd party phones were supported with Telus? I'm thinking it should be okay as the OP3T comes unlocked to all carriers by default.

Hey, I had the Oneplus 1, and am currently am using the Oneplus 2, and I have had no problems with the Telus network on my device. 99% positive that it will work.

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It'll work. I have a OnePlus One and it worked fine on Telus.

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Phones bought outside of Telus are fine as long as they use the supported Frequency Bands that Telus uses.

The One Plus 3T is fine, just make sure you purchase the North American version of it.  The global model will work, but the North American one supports more bands that Telus uses.



TechnologyGSM / HSPA / EVDO / LTE
3G bandsHSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700(AWS) / 1900 / 2100 - North America
 HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100 - Global model
 CDMA2000 1xEV-DO - North America
4G bandsLTE band 1(2100), 2(1900), 4(1700/2100), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 12(700), 17(700), 30(2300) - North America
 LTE band 1(2100), 3(1800), 5(850), 7(2600), 8(900), 20(800), 38(2600), 40(2300) - Global model

even though it does work, but it's not the best. i'm having a lot of trouble with my oneplus 3t, namely, it frequently switches to h+, which results in slower speed, and sometimes when it's on 4g, it has no connection at all...only when you're fully outside on the streets, you can reliably get 4g+ and fast speeds. i'm thinking it has to do with the frequency bands, or lack of, on the phone, vs other common phones, like iphone, samsung galaxy, but then i searched up telus network frequencies, it seems like the 3t has most of them covered, except for 13 (700) and 29 (700), which according to wikipedia, its mainly used for rural i have no idea why this is happening to me as i live in GTA, which by no means should be considered rural. if someone with actual tech knowledge could answer me that would be great, i just spent like 2 hours on live chat with a tech support agent, and all he said was my phones defective, which is no help at all

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You'll likely have a far better chance of getting an answer on the OnePlus forums.


If indoors in a downtown building, regular LTE has much weaker signal strength than 3G does. Concrete and steel will interfere with signal reception. It's not usual when I go downtown, even when using an iPhone, that in some buildings I lose LTE signal and end up using 3G. You are also correct that 700MHz is mainly rural. 

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