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Old Nokia phones

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Hi there. I'm looking to purchase about 20 old Nokia phones from a website that sells refurbished phones. (Probably in Asia somewhere) I need to use them in Alberta for a 2 week event. My plan is to purchase Telus sim cards and prepaid cards.  


My question is will these phones work on the Telus network?  Most of the details I have don't include the 850 mHz frequency in the their description and I don't know if it's assumed or not. 


Nokia 3310: 

Operating Frequency
 GSM 900 / 1800


Nokia 3100:

 Operating Frequency
 GSM 900 / 1800 / 1900


Nokia 3220:

  • Band:GSM900/1800/1900MHz

Can you help me? 




Community Power User
Community Power User

Telus does not use GSM. They were CDMA. The only GSM carrier was Rogers/Fido but GSM 900 phones may run into problems or most likely not work at all. Asian GSM supports 900mHz. North American GSM is 850/1900.


I have a Nokia C5-00 (much newer than the ones you are looking at) that is quad-band GSM and tested it last year and the reception was bad indoors (in the city) and voice calls were only really possible if close to a tower or outside.


There is a Nokia 3220 USA version that does support 850/1900, which did work ok but that was many years ago when the GSM network was still being maintained and improved. The 3220 is also TWELVE YEARS old.

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Community Power User

What's your phone budget?

Telus has the Alcatel for $80

Staples has phones for $49 (less 10% if you have a coupon)


Telus online store may have discards or returns they may be prepared to provide to you at a good price.




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