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Nokia 520 - get media Content??

Just Moved In

I am unable to receive any media content with my Nokia 520. When I attempt to get any media, it just loops. I have all appropriate settings enabled and I have sufficient remaining data. I have heard that others have encountered this problem. Does anyone know of a fix?



Hi, how do you send the media content to your device? Do you have the latest updates? Are you able to use your web browser on Wi-fi and 4G data?

Friendly Neighbour

Have to talked with tech support at Telus? Sometimes there are things they can tweak on their end.


However, I did have some issues with a Lumia 920, and I resolved them by installing a Nokia app called Access point. This adds some settings to your phone's System which seems to help the phone properly recognize what is on the SIM.


As I recall, getting the app was not easy, it was not available in the store, I had to find the app in the web browser (on the phone) in order to install it.


This app makes a permanent change to your phone and cannot be uninstalled, but I've not heard of anyone needing to uninstall it anyways. It makes it unnecessary to manually configure the APN (I think you can delete the manual settings, reboot the phone and it should work). As usual, write down everything about your APN settings first in case you need to revert to manual.


If MMS is working, you should be able to send a text ( image) to yourself.