New activation air time crediit


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Purchased the following TELUS prepaid phone below comes with $40.00 activation credit supposedly.
Went to activate no credit allowed with a new phone number!!!
Alcatel Lume Prepaid
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Valid June 09, 2017 - June 14, 2017

Includes up to $40 Airtime Credit on new monthly activations.


Is it TELUS credit or from the store credit applied?

Can not get straight answer from TELUS as usual.

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Community Power User

I believe it is applied in increments over a few months, else how would they be able to know / accept it is on a 'monthly' activation?

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TELUS is being difficult, to say the least.

First, they wouldn't let me get a new phone on a plan, 

now can't even get a prepaid phone activated properly.

Time to take phone TELUS prepaid phone back,

find another carrier who is not so obstinate.


Ask Telus about the credit limit program, so you avoid the large deposit for a post-paid phone.