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Is a SIM card assigned to a number or an account?

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I have 3 phones on my account and received a new phone yesterday for my phone number. I'd like to change the device to another phone number on my account. (i'm giving my phone upgrade to my husband but in the store they activated the phone to my number as it was my phone plan that was up for renewal, not his) I'm told I need to get a brand new SIM card to do this. Online when i switch a device it says the SIM is already in use. Contacted telus and the SIM has been deactivated as I have switched my phone number back to my old phone and old SIM no problem.  


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Community Power User


The SIM card is assigned to a number, not a phone. You cannot have two SIM cards assigned to one number. You can move a SIM card from phone to phone as much as you like.

You husband should be able to take the SIM out of his current phone and place it in the new one. Similarly, you should be able to take the newly activated SIM and move from the new phone to whichever one you will be using.  No need to do anything online. If his current SIM does not fit the new phone, he will need a new SIM that fits. If so, you can update the SIM card attached to his number in the 'My Account'  section of the website.  Simply update the number from the new SIM in the appropriate space.

Looks like either you need to move his SIM to the new phone, or get a new SIM and transfer his current SIM info to the new SIM through the 'My Account' process you are familiar with.

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