I have the Samsung Galaxy Ace II X and 2 of my contacts aren't getting my text help!


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When I bought the phone I had no problem send texts to my husband and a friend of mine they received them with no problem and now when I send them a text they aren't getting them I can receive theirs but they aren't getting mine and I have no Idea why this is happening so I hope someone can help me out.


Greetings Brenway4!


Are you able to send a text message from the phone to its own number? Do you receive any sort of error message when attempting to send a text message?


I highly advise removing the battery while the phone is on and leaving it out for 5 seconds before placing it back in and turning the phone on.

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Try restarting your phone. If that doesn't work, contact Telus http://www.telus.com/get-help/contact-us/index.jsp so they can troubleshoot the issue further. There might be a network congestion