How do I start using my unlocked Blackberry with Telus?


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My mom just gave me her old Blackberry and I want to use it as a prepaid cell phone with Telus. It is unlocked and should work, but when I try to activate or update my phone on my account, it says the SIM card number and IMEI number or invalid and I don't know why! Do I need to get a new SIM card? My mom's is Koodo but I read that that should still work. And even if that is the problem, shouldn't the IMEI number work, because I can't change that, can I?



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Hi- do you already have a Telus prepaid account set up? If so, have you tried just putting the SIM card from your old Telus prepaid phone to your mom's Blackberry? As long as the Blackberry is unlocked the phone should work without having to enter the SIM card or IMEI on your account. What mode Blackberry is it anyways? Please try that and let me know!


 If your TELUS SIM has been activated before you will need to purchase a new TELUS SIM. The Koodo phone would be considered a gray market device therefore you would activate the SIM only. Hope that helps.