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Harrasment form security salesmen

Just Moved In

Came home last night with my wife from a nice dinner on my birthday to find a group of about 8 young men sitting on my front steps. They wore shiny new telus shirts. I asked what they were doing and one jumped in with selling me a security service. Not interested,I told them, then came the tornado of info and savings etc, what do you pay now? etc , well if you work for Telus you should know? Now I have no desire to discuss my business on the sidewalk in front of my house with a group of boys. I asked them to leave and then they dialed it up a notch until I was "NO go away" then a minute later I see the very aggressive leader walking back to my front door , which I opened and said "get off my property now!" 

Now wether this is legit or not it is the very format of the swindler, it was a really lousy experience, on my nice evening. super failing grade on this one, seriously thinking of switching. Also this month I had no internet for a day, I called and waited and waited to see if it was coming from me or you , eventually I was told it was you , a system upgrade in my area. Well from my personal experience whats the difference between you and Rodgers? no internet for the day I was offered nothing in compensation or was it even acknowledged.



This is a customer forum. We're all customers here except for the 1 or 2 form admins. You're better off messaging Telus directly about this.