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Galaxy 4 updated to Lollipop and now bluetooth functions no long work in my car. How do I fix this?

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I've tried deleting and re-pairing my phone. I've tried using different music player apps including the stock player, google music player and Poweramp.


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Community Manager

Hey@srouss, welcome to the TELUS Neighbourhood!

Yours is a tricky one to determine. 

A few things would have to be taken into consideration:

First, does your car's Bluetooth features support Lollipop? Android 5.0 was released in November of 2014; if your car precedes this date, it's very well possible it doesn't have the latest drivers necessary to support Lollipop.


Also, is there a firmware update for your car's Bluetooth system? This question would best be referred to the car manufacturer/servicing center.

Second, have you tried factory resetting your phone? Some updates do cause apps to not work so well - a bug here and there can be a function of incompatibility issues. Factory Resetting your phone can some times help.

To Reset, first back up your phone using Samsung Kies on your computer < Click here to download >. Next, navigate to (on your phone): Settings > Accounts > Backup and Reset > Factory Data Reset. 

After your phone reboots, try pairing the phone with your car without first restoring your backup. If everything works, you can then restore your phone using Samsung Kies. 


I hope one of the above helps! Good luck and please keep us posted!

This issue is effecting almost any Android user who uses a portable bluetooth device that clips to the car's visor.
Since the Lollipop update, when you try to place an outgoing call using voice commands, your phone will tell you "No Network Connection" This includes using "Drivining Mode" "S Voice" and "OK Google"
If you have data turned on (and can afford it being on all the time or have unlimited data) your good to go. If not, you are stuck, unless you want to place the call without using hands free.
I have had my Samsung Galaxy S5 in for repair three times and am told that nothing can be done, it is the nature of the Lollipop update. This is NOT acceptable! I am hoping that Samsung will come up for a fix for this....and soon!
AT & T in the United States are offering to block future Android updates for their customers due to so many bugs.

S-voice, OK-Google, Cortana, and Siri have far too great a depth of voice responses to manage on the phone itself, thus the need for a data connection. I don't expect to see these services return to being an on-phone solution in the future, but rather we will see an increase in the utility of the connected device. 


As as for data volumes, SWMBO manages all her data needs within a 100 MB monthly allotment, so huge data allowances aren't necessarily needed. 

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