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Device prices are currently absurd, amirite?

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Seriously though, two months ago when i upgraded my own phone the prices were more reasonable across the board than they are now when I look to try and upgrade my wife's phone. I'll wait for some sensible sale prices i guess. Still though, these prices are bonkers.

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Community Power User

You didn't provide any examples of what you are complaining about. What phones and what prices?


Device prices are going up the more fancy the devices get, especially for overpriced Samsungs. Don't forget the Canadian dollar being so weak right now. That will have a big impact. Just search for unlocked versions of them to see what the real prices are that they are being sold for. Most cases Telus is very close, at least for devices you are able to buy outright. Samsung refuses to sell unlocked phones in Canada.

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It does not help when the loonie oil ruble was below 70 cents recently.... a lot of products are priced on the stronger US currency.