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Can I pay my device BALANCE on installment? i want to upgrade or have. New phone prior to end of contract.
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There are three options I am aware of:
Telus may offer an errly upgrade in the few months before your compntract expiry
You can buy a new phone outright, and continue your current payment plan
You can pay out your current subsidy, and start a new contract with a subsidized phone

You can add a second phone to a share plus plan, but would be paying two usage fees, until you cancel the first phone once paid

I am not aware of the option to carry two subsidies on the same contract
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There currently isn't an installment option.  The best option usually is to try selling your phone privately and using that towards the Device Balance.  You also have the option of instore trade in though I find private sale more reflective of the value of the device.

Thanks for reply. I might as well finish my contract as i still have 270+ balance.

You don't have to wait out the "FULL" term as typically at 4 months any remaining Device Balance will be waived if you are on a 3 year term or 3 months if you were on a 2 year.  


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Building on what @NFtoBC said, you can also trade in your old device at a TELUS store ( or at a store like Best Buy (


What phone are you interested in getting?

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