Compatibility of Samsung Galaxy S7 with Macbook


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I am currently using an iPhone but I am considering switching over to a Samsung for my next phone when my contract is up in the next couple months. I have heard that a lot of people who have gone from iPhone to Samsung have loved it, but the only thing I am concerned about is the compatibility of the Samsung Galaxy S7 with my Macbook Pro computer. I still want to be able to put all my music onto my phone as well as transfer pictures over, so I am wondering how much more difficult it will be with a Samsung phone and an Apple computer trying to work together as opposed to two Apple products. 


If anyone has any experience with this, any information would be greatly appreciated, as well as any tips/instructions on how to do this!


Thanks in advance! 

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Community Power User

If you install the Application "Android File Transfer" on your Macbook you can access the file system on your Galaxy S7, and drag & drop files from there. You would have to set up all your cloud-shared apps independent of the Apple products you are used to. The easy integration of Notes, Reminders, Maps, Contacts, iTunes, Photos, etc., will need to be set up with independent apps on both ends for the most part to gain the same level of interconnectivity enjoyed by choosing an iPhone to connect with your Apple ecosystem.


If you use a lot of Google products, your transition may be easier, as you already use many of the tools available on Android. I use Google products very little, and favour my iPhone over my S6.


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