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Charged Long Distance Without Cause

So, I’m in a corporate discount plan with my wife. For the last three months we keep getting charges for long distance showing that (usually) I’m calling or receiving calls from Sannich (near Victoria) when I’m in a suburb of Vancouver. There’s no reason for this, but they had no answers when I called last month. I’m about to chat with them again but I’m curious if anyone else has had similar issues.

Community Power User
Community Power User

There’s a plethora of corporate plans and depending there may be charges for calls. The last one I had included Telus to Telus calls, but all others had a per minute charge.


What are the details of your plan?


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It’s essentially a discount on a standard plan. 7 GB of shared data between my wife and I and finite minutes each.

When I called tech support yesterday, they said there was some odd technical issue in the telus mobile network through August that made this issue more widespread. They did credit me, but the billing rep I talked to was not particularly helpful.