Changing phones to a prepaid on a monthly contract


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I absolutely HATE my HTC one V and am locked into another 2 years left on my contract.  I am looking to get  the Nokia Lumia 520 because of ease of use and the windows based OS.   What I want to know is can I purchase a lumia say from ebay or a prepaid from a store and change my phone over from the HTC to the Nokia without getting locked into another contract and just finish out the one I am already in?


Yes! You just purchase the phone and then you take the SIM card that is in the One V and pop it into the Lumia 520 and everything should be great. I'm 99% sure they both take the same sized SIM so ou don't need to worry about that.

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Definitely, you can get phone by your own and just register phone on your existing telus account, that wont affect your contract at all. You can purchase any prepaid phone or from ebay (just try to make sure that if you get it from ebay that is properly unlocked) Smiley Happy I hope this will help you!