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I am not impressed with this device ( Samsung 4 Mini) I have replaced it once and now have to replace it again AND my Business Partners as well. I have spoken to someone over 2months ago to get my partners replaced it has YET to arrive, I call to ask about this from my cell and it freezes up dropping the call  peice of junk. so I call from a landline and sit on hold for 35 mins and counting to talk to someone. Then I will be transfered to various departments just to possibly have nothing happen again... 😞

Why is it SOOO rediculous to be a Business Anywhere Client? No one can help you....



What GB is your SD card?  32GB seems to be ok but 64GB may cause problems if quite full. Pull out the SD card and test.


The other is doing the usual checklist of seeing if any Apps are conflicting to cause issue.

Hot battery?


Network drops, turn off LTE in your network settings to test if the radios don't play nice with each other.


Latest firmware?

Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini I257MVLUBNE6/June 17, 2014 4.4.2 KitKat Upgrade


More trouble shooting information at



If a custom ROM is available that will fix all problems, the end user is responsible for installation. Any warranties from Telus/Samsung will/may be void.