Brand new replacement LG G4 from Telus, having the exact same previous hardware problems.


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The previous phone I had was also an LG G4, it worked fine originally for about 7 months, then the phone began to start vibrating uncontrollably and then the screen would freeze, it would either do that or make really loud noises continuously until it froze in which I had to take the battery out and reboot the phone, I know about the lawsuit to LG for the production of this phone and how many people who have had this phone have the same problem, but TELUS, was the company that sent me a replacement LG G4 telling me it is a brand new model and this will not occur again, and sure enough a month and a half after retrieving this phone, it has, I wanna know what my options are here for this phone and if I call them if they will give me a different phone that is not an LG G4 because I have ran out of my warranty replacements because of this stupid phone, when I already explained to them why I did not want the exact same phone but they still insisted it was fine. 


Telus will tell you whatever they think will get you off of the phone the quickest!  LG sucks when it comes to software and to a lesser extent, hardware!  LG is getting so bad, they are even starting to ruin Google branded phones, like the Pixel 2 XL.  In most cases, it's software related.  Canadian models get significantly less updates over other markets because LG just can't be bothered.  Personally, I would insist that they offer you a different phone of your choosing and hope for a better experience.  If you still want a G4, then consider looking for the US unlocked version or a T-Mobile variant that is unlocked to use, after researching to see if those models contain the same issues.  

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Constructive Fraud:  Asurion Service Request ID 101972671632 


Before my warranty period ended July 15th, 2017 ... Asurion declined my phone replacement even though the Mother Board would not take updates


December 21, 2017 ... Dropped Samsung Note 5  ... not functioning


I have Telus Device Care ... I have updated my Asurion file three times, this week requesting follow up.


4 days  / 96 hours have passed ... No Follow Up by Asurion

- "We are reviewing your documents. We will contact you via email or automated message within 24 hours regarding next steps."


I just spoke to Telus for the 3rd time this week ...


- Every Customer Service 'Expert" tells me my device is past the warranty period  ... No coverage.


They 'reluctantly' look deeper into the file and see that I have Telus Device Care coverage.


Four Telus (4) individuals with poor English comprehension skills ... confirm that I have Telus Device Coverage and replacement phone is covered.


Bull**bleep** ... 


Today (01/11.18) I asked to speak with a Supervisor ... I was disconnected.




I have dealt with them before.  They are absolutely horrible!  I had an Nexus 6 that was having speaker and mic issues.  They cross-shipped me a phone, which I thankfully received before I send them my Nexus 6.  The phone they sent me was in such bad shape, it literally looked like they had played road hockey with it for a few hours before putting it in the box and sending it to me.  I called them to explain that it was not acceptable and got this attitude from them as if I should have been thankful to get anything at all.  I send them back their piece of crap and pulled all of the device care from my 6 lines and received a credit back to the time I added device care to my limes.  


If you don't mind me asking.  Why do you want to stick with the G4?