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Apple Music Disappearing- Software/Hardware Issue.


Alright, so here are my issues. Brace yourselves for a novel. I’ve had

nothing but problems with this phone since I purchased it and neither Telus nor

Apple will do anything about it as they keep saying it is just a “bad update”.

So apparently I’ve been having bad updates for 2+ years and nobody else has. Oh

and conveniently I am now out of warranty, so they reallyyy don’t care now.


So my main issue was with Apple Music. Every time I updated my phone all of my

music (that I pay $10 a month for to download to listen offline) would

disappear. I called Telus & Apple and nobody really had much of an idea of

what I was talking about. They told me to go under certain settings to fix this

but the only music that returned was music that I had purchased through iTunes,

prior to going with Apple Music. So I did some Internet sleuthing and figured

out how to get all the music “back”… But low and behold, it was all unavailable

to listen offline. So I had to re-download thousands of songs 1 by 1 because

Apple was not smart enough to create a “re-download all” button. Might I point

out how TEDIOUS and time consuming it is to click a tiny little cloud thousands

of times? Oh and multiple times because this has happened almost every time I’ve

updated my phone. I have a call history with Telus & Apple; not to mention

the times I didn’t bother calling and wasting my breath. Started to notice I

was the only person this was happening to, as I’d rage to my friends and they’d

just reply with “what is wrong with your phone!” and I’d reply “don’t know but

they sure don’t want to tell or help me!”. It simply cannot be a

hardware/software issue and just has to be bad updates that absolutely nobody

else is having… Oh and my last call the guy told me “well you’re renting the

music so if the artist changes their policies then you can lose it. Also just add all your music to a playlist to re-download all at once” Pardon me?

A) That makes no sense. B) You’re telling me hundreds of artists that I’ve

downloaded, suddenly changed their “policies” but I’m the only person affected. C) you're giving me an inconvenient work-around. Not a fix.

LOGIC. Pretty cool that I pay an extra $10 every month for a service that doesn’t

work and makes my blood boil.


So that being the most annoying problem of all, I have also suffered with

having difficulties connecting to/staying connected to both Wifi and Bluetooth.

I love it when my phone bill gets racked up because I don’t notice that I’ve

been disconnected from the internet box that I’m sitting 20 feet away from. It’s

also not a Wifi issue, as others around me don’t have issues with it. Sometimes

I can’t even pick up a connection that everyone else can. I can’t connect to

new Bluetooth devices or devices that I’ve previously connected to. I’ve

managed to stay connected to one of my devices, but if I move my phone 3 feet

away, the connection gets choppy. Also not an issue with every Bluetooth device

ever; quite obviously it’s my phone. GPS doesn’t work or Google maps has been

drunk for months. Doesn’t pick up my location properly/follow me when I’ve

tried to use the GPS. I could go on and on but these are the main issues and

ones that I’ve brought forward to both companies.


So what I’m raging about here is that clearly I have a hardware/software issue

with my phone since I pretty well bought it (re: call/chat history) and nobody

will do anything about it. They wouldn’t when it was still under warranty. I

feel like my warranty should be honoured as I’ve been making calls to them

since before I was out. Oh but nooo, customer service does not exist anymore. I

used to brag about both Telus & Apple and now the only thing I can do is

rage and be disappointed. The amount of money I’ve spent on both of these

companies and they’re not willing to replace my phone... And never mind simply

getting a new phone… I don’t exactly have $1000+ to drop and am not willing to

give up my $60 10GB plan with Telus who won’t grandfather it into a new phone

even though I’ve been a loyal customer to them for like 15 years.


Any old Apple users here switch to Android? Anybody else use a different phone

company who has great customer service/good deals? Or does that not exist

anymore? I am definitely done with these companies since nobody is willing or

able to assist me. They’re out just looking for the all-mighty buck and don’t

care about loyal/long-term customers, who have spent thousands upon thousands

of dollars on them. What a time to be alive.


Community Power User
Community Power User
Your complaint isn’t a TELUS issue. It’s an Apple issue. Any issues with the device all your queries should be directed to Apple. Along with warranty issues, you have one year unless you purchased Apple care for extended.

Only time I had to redownload my Apple music library was being signed into my American Apple ID and back to Canadian one I would have to redownload.

I posted on both as I had a warranty with both. So just want someone to look into it further. But yes I realize this is mostly an Apple issue. Thanks! 🙂

Hello @bmarci

Unfortunately Telus can not so anything here. This is a software issue with Apple. I would highly suggest contacting Apple support and speak to Level 2 support. Explain what's happening and they should be able to assist you.

The other option is scheduling a time frame with your local Apple store and go into Apple and see what they can do. They will most likely either replace the device or downgrade the software. ( Yes some Apple techs are able to do this even if Apple signs off to stop using the older software. For purposes like this).

Community Power User
Community Power User

You'd be better off posting on the Apple support forums as that will be where the largest pool of iPhone users will be so you'd have a better chance of getting an answer there.


I'm sure it's already been suggested but under Settings > Cellular (way at the bottom) ensure Wifi Assist is disabled in the event that is where the unexpected cellular data usage is from. It's enabled by default and one of the first settings I shut off.


Have you tried re-loading iOS on the phone? That would be one thing I'd look into. You'll lose all data on the phone if you do go that route so ensure you've got an encrypted backup in iTunes before doing it. It is likely one option you haven't tried as it is one of the rarely done troubleshooting steps due to its complexity / being a last resort. You'd want to ask Apple for specific instructions on that if you so choose.

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I posted on both as I had a warranty with both. So just want someone to look into it further. But yes I realize this is mostly an Apple issue.
And yep I've tried all of the above! No luck. Ugh.

Thanks! 🙂