Any idea, if Telus bringing higher end Lumia phones - 920, 925, 928?


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I hope Telus decides to offer more Windows Phones in the future! It sucks that only Rogers in Canada has the Lumia 920. What I had to do was get it from Rogers and unlock it. Telus doesn't officially support the 920 but I am using it without issue on the Telus network Smiley Very Happy

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Hopefully Telus makes an effort with Windows Phone as Nokia will be dropping the EOS / 1020 (has a similar/better camera sensor on it than the 808 Pureview [41mp, yes 41 mp]) on July 11th.


I have Telus' Nokia Lumia 800 which is a fantastic phone, but I want a really great WP8 device!!

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I would like Telus to bring a high end Lumia device.  I ended up with an Ativ S, it's an ok phone, but would rather have a Lumia.


The plastic finish on the Ativ S is the cheapest I ever had on a phone.


I have the 808.  Great camera, terrible phone OS.  If the EOS/1020 shows up on TELUS, all I can say is "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!" Smiley Tongue


I would be very interested in seeing the 1020 as well (some blogs say 909).  It should be announced next week.



I already posted this in the 1020 thread, but it applies here too...


"I find it really interesting how Telus picks up the top Android phones (HTC One, SGS4), the latest and greatest iPhone, even the latest top blackberries (seriously), but all they offer on WP is the 610 and the Ativ S.


Unimpressed. Utterly, utterly unimpressed."

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I've also posted in the 1020 thread, but adding here in the faint hope that Telus monitors these forums.  I'm tired of waiting for a high-end Lumia from Telus - my contract is up soon, and moving to Rogers if I have to. Get witht he WP8 program, Telus!

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I agree.  My contract is also up shortly. I switched to Telus because they were the first to offer decent Android phones and now that Android is annoying to me, I want a reliable WP8 device and will gladly switch carriers to get it.

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I don't recommend Rogers or Bell, at least for prepaid if you want to use data. I switched from Rogers to Bell and now to Telus, all on prepaid, and here's why : 

(I can't speak for 'regular' monthly contracts) 

For  Rogers: 

- there is no way to know how much data I had used or had left of my monthly 100Mb, other than manually summing up each individual data transaction, and you can only view your last 60 transactions, so good luck with that.

- The MyAccount App doesn't work at all for prepaid - it shows *nothing*.

- I had a support ticket open about this issue, and when I inquired about how to get a status update for the support ticket they said "you can't". I never got any news about that support ticket.

- The MyAccount web portal is the slowest thing I have ever seen. Grass grows faster than that site loads.

For Bell:

- you have absolutely NO transaction information for prepaid. Nothing. Zilch. You can only monitor your balance going down and imagine what is being billed. What is being charged is anybody's guess.

- Once I found they billed me $12 by mistake, by having a support agent enumerate all my transactions over the phone. They then wanted me to call customer service to permenantly fix the issue with them.

- I had switched to Bell because they support Data Sense, however there's no way to enable it on a non-Bell phone.

- You can't track how much data you have left and you have zero transaction information, about data, voice or anything.

- the account web portal is super slow, and it doesn't load on Chrome.


So far, I'm content with Telus : I can track my data usage very easily on my account page, and the account page loads pretty quick (super fast compared to Bell & Rogers!).

And I have 200Mb (vs  100Mb for Rogers & Bell) for the same price or less - yay!


All that aside, I agree it would be great if Telus had more Nokia Lumia phones.

And Data Sense. Data Sense would be great.

Did I mention Data Sense would be great? Seriously, enable Data Sense.

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1020 coming to Rogers as an exclusive. Great job Telus, great job. (read: sarcasm)


ANDDDDD looks like I spoke too soon! Great job, Telus, seriously! I am so excited to get the 1020!


I'm not too sure about the higher end Lumia phones. Rogers seem to be able to keep most of the high end Lumias to themselves.

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There's no leak as for Telus receiving new Lumia anytime soon and they don't usually get that info any sooner than clients. Keep checking regularly for devices


I know in the past they would get similar devices to T-Mobile US and they are getting the 925 so hopefully Telus picks it up.