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telus hub to fibre optic




super new here!


I live in a rural area that only has very limited internet, well, until Sept this year.


we has Telus internet 6, yes, 6mbps. We tried for over 3 years to get on with telus hub and finally got on. We were warned when we signed up that we likely wouldn’t like it as it drops signal etc. It does but not that bad at all. We signed up for the two year contract, which is mandatory..........


today a Telus rep knocked on my door and spoke with my wife as I was busy. He told her that Telus will be installing fibre optic this Sept on our street and wondered if we would be interested, absofrigginlutely we are, lol. I tried to call Telus to talk to them about what our options would be but, I keep getting disconnected or have to wait very long on hold, then get disconnected...


does anyone happen to know how this could work? We are around the 30 day mark for the hub, but we’d like to keep the hub till the fibre optic is installed then switch. Is this possible at all?


we will also be switching our TV over to Telus as well as we are currently on Shaw Direct and getting really disappointed with it as well.


thanks all in advance.



Community Power User
Community Power User

Once Fibre actually arrives, contact Telus and discuss. They will likely be happy to remove your data consumption from their cellular network if you move your services to a land-based connection.

There may be a recovery fee for the hub, if it is not returnable.

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I am jealous that you are going from a slow LTE connection to gigabit. Where do you live that Telus is putting down fiber in rural area?

We live in Keremeosd, B.C. 


Telus techs just installed the fibre optic cable to the house today as a matter of fact. He also said call tomorrow to have in installed. The database still shows we don't have it though.