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has telus just recently signed on with cloudmark? AND is that causing problems?


I've subscribed to a list-server for 25 odd years, and recently have not  recieved any of my messages. All other emails seem to be coming in.


Here's what the "listmom" said


Apparently some of your email providers/ISPs are paying for a service
called "Cloudmark Sender Intelligence." For whatever reason, this
"intelligence" has classified the OldTools messages/Digests as SPAM.
For some of you, that means you're not getting messages or Digests at
all. For others, they're just classified as spam in your mail clients.
I've contacted the minions at the "intelligence" organization to
attempt to get us off their bad list, so we'll see what happens.

 The cloud mark reports immediate response to problems, but 8hrs after the listmom apparently filled out the form for remediation nothing has happened. This kind of stuff has NEVER happened before, and while I appreciate the efforts to reduce spam etc on the servers, I've never seen any indication as to why this have been percipitated.


And it ain't just me. At least two other folks I know have reported same problem. One in AB, one in BC