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Wifi has been cutting in and out routinely since ive been a telus customer.

Just Moved In
Every single night exactly at 9pm my wifi disconnects and reboots by itself. Once it starts up again it will last for anywhere between 1-15 minutes and then it will reboot and disconnect. It does this until 9am. This happens every single day and have not missed a day. Ive been a telus customer for less than a month and its driving me insane. Nothing has helped that customer service has done. How could this be a coincidence? This happens every day at the exact same time. Is there something i should be looking into? Some ways i can fix this? Does anyone else have this issue?

Friendly Neighbour

Check to see if your router is set to reboot automatically at that time.  It also sounds like a bad router. 


The more information you provide the greater the chance someone can help you.

  • What router do you have (exact model number on the router)?

  • Are there any issues between 9 AM and 9 PM?

  • How do you know the router is rebooting? Are you watching the lights on router or are you just loosing WiFi on your devices?
  • Do you loose WiFi on all your devices at the same time at 9 PM?
  • Do you have any devices connected by Ethernet and if so are they losing connection at the same time?
  • Do you have Optik service? If so how are they connected to the router and are you losing Optik service at the same time?