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Wi-Fi Extender Intermittently Drops ?


I just opened up my Telus accounts after moving into a new apartment with Telus quick-connect installed. Stupidly, the wi-fi modem is installed near our apartment entrance within a closet separated from our living room by concrete walls and resulted in bad connection with our smart tv and devices when in the living room. We had a WEB6000Q installed in our living room to provide a better connection to our TV and for our other devices when we are in the living room.


When connected to the 5G band, you will experience intermittent drops in connection, where a site will try to load until failure, provide a DNS error that is quickly replaced by a no internet connection error. The device (phones and laptops affected) will still say they are connected to wi-fi (4 full bars) as you experience these errors. Additionally, the 2.4G band is significantly worse than our base wi-fi band and is essentially pointless. 


We have had technicians over who provide fixes that work for about an hour, we have replaced the equipment, we have tried standard restarts, a factory reset, and nothing provides a permanent fix. I have also fiddled with my own devices and their wi-fi settings to see if it is an error on my end, which doesn't seem to be the case. Wi-fi speed tests still say that our 5G band is by far (~3x better than base wi-fi band), the fastest connection in our apartment, which is why I want to fix it.


Has anyone experience this and/or solved this issue?


Thanks in advance. 


Are you on fibre per chance? Or is your Telus modem connected using the phone line? Sounds like you need to have Telus come and relocate your modem. If you call they will try to bill $50-100 to move the modem. Just speak to loyalty and retention to have to charges waived.